One of those days

by chorpiano-esandresky

Perhaps it’s the cold, or the ice, or the snow, or my burgeoning list of things that are urgent or important or both. Perhaps it’s just the time of year, although I don’t suffer from any sort of winter malaise or light deprivation as some do. Perhaps it’s that my tea is cold or that I’m a little bit hungry. Perhaps I need to catch up on sleep, even though I slept almost 9 hours. Perhaps I had too much sleep?

Whatever the cause, I feel tired. Deeply tired. I tweeted this morning that I wanted to stay in bed with my kittie, but then ate breakfasts and took a shower and felt better.

Now I’m back to wishing I was in bed….. but now there’s someone else here working, so how can I go back to bed when others around me are working? Must soldier on, or as my mother is fond of quoting a friend of hers, “chin up.” Some curse words come to mind, even if she is my mother….