Part 2: Once we understand that it’s a choice we have the power to change

by chorpiano-esandresky

Once we understand that it’s a choice we have the power to change.

Yesterday I had occassion to send the below to a fellow artist that wanted to use some music of mine to enhance the experience of their art in a video. I don’t need to post the whole exchange, but this seems so relevant to what I posted last week, that I thought a Part 2 was called for.

“You understand that not knowing you, or more to the point, not being nside your head, I cannot know what your intentions are. The question has to be asked of anyone wishing to make use of something that I’ve made and own. I’m not opposed to gratis uses, but it’s important to me that I have the opportunity to make that choice and that it not be made for me.

As far as money and prizes go, they only infest art if you let them. Personally I have nothing against either, nor do I care much about having prizes, in particular, which is a good thing since I’ve won very few. Money I need to make my life and work. Making music is my job, and I expect to be paid for it. I won’t apologize for that nor will I accept any argument that posits money as an inherent evil. Money has no intention in and of itself. People do. It’s all about the intention behind the work that makes it one’s best or not, in my view. All the other stuff is just noise to distract us from the fact that those who can’t make art feel powerless in the face of those who can. Long ago they created this myth that money was poison to creativity. Not all creativity, just the pure art forms. It’s a lie, but as a society, we’ve bought it hook line and sinker.

You will note that not all artists are poor. They still manage to make great art, at least some of the time.

Let’s wake up and stop the bullshit.

You couldn’t have known that I’ve been on this mission to purge the arts community as a whole of the myth that we shouldn’t have. We should. We deserve it. I’ve been on this mission for 20 years.”

I want to further add that we are all necessary and vital parts of our communities. Without each of us, the community would change and become something else. We should never try to be anything other than who we are because the valuable work that we do has more to do with our differences than with our similarities!

Thank you for being part of my community!

POSTED 1.22.15